Thank You,

To All Our First Responders

Enjoy 20% off on all of Cardo's products

with the 3 simple steps below

Visit Cardo's Wesbstore and add a product to your shopping cart

On the check out page, click on the ID.ME logo and identify using your name and password

Once identified, copy the coupon code and complete the checkout process

Visit Cardo's Webstore


Who is eligible for the promotion?

The offer honors military personnel (including National Guard/Reserves), law enforcement (including Border Patrol), firefighters (including volunteers), and licensed physicians and nurses (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and licensed practical nurses) in both CA and the US. This applies to whether you are actively involved or retired.

What do I need to do to use this offer?

Once you're eligibility is validated, copy the coupon code and paste it on the cart page to enjoy your 20% off.

How do I verify my eligibility?

On the cart page, click on the ID.ME logo, to go through the ID validation process.

How do I know if my verification is successful?

Validation is almost instantaneous. You will see a success notification on the screen when complete and receive a coupon code for you to use.